Saturday, April 4, 2009

the unattainable dream of home ownership (because I didn't do it yesterday)

It's not that this is my favorite house, or the most perfect house, but it is my dream home du jour. A house I would love for my home. The kind of home I don't exactly see in my future.

It's not the kind of house you would drive past without noticing. It sort of stands out, but not in that pretentious "oh look at me, I'm contemporary" kind of way. Maybe it's the color, or the angles, I don't know, but this house expresses a certain whimsy that makes me smile. The gray siding and red accents could look severe on this modern take on the classic farm house, but it's not. I think it's angle of the front overhang, and the accent around the front window which feel a little silly...a little whimsical.

Who wouldn't want to live a house that made you smile before you walked in the front door? I love walking through that front door, into the main living area. The variations on the concrete floor mimic the play of light under the many windows, somehow creating the illusion that sunlight speckles the entire floor.

The kitchen replaces one wall of the open space, as a single line open to the living space. Beyond the back door the roof falls into a tumble of angles enclosing the patio. Even empty, the space feels lived in. A place for living.

Perhaps my favorite space in the whole space is the landing in the middle of the staircase. The stairs and upper level have lovely bamboo floors, which lighten the entire area. The landing might be my favorite spot because it is a silly space. A perhaps unnecessary but lovely space. The landing is overly large with two windows and exists almost as a room in the middle of the staircase. Why would anyone need such a thing? I have no idea, but I would love to decorate it.

Upstairs, big windows fill both bedrooms with light. In the master suite, those windows rest in unusual and well-thought places to create a room which is both private and filled with light.

It is probably not a house I will ever own in reality, but I can always dream.

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