Sunday, April 12, 2009

never to bed, never to rise

I hate going to bed. I hate calling the day over and going to sleep. Every night I climb the ladder, take my shot, scrounge for a book and refuse to turn out the light. I'm never ready to give up and go to sleep.

But I love to sleep. I hate going to bed because once I go to sleep I never want to wake up. I love the light blue, cream and gray sheets on my bed. I love the loads of pillows all over the bed. I love the light which fills the loft through the windows. I never want to get out of bed.

Every morning I need to hit snooze at least twice before I get out of bed. I hate getting up and take as much time as possible. I am also angry as fuck when I wake up. I HATE getting out of bed. On the weekends, when I can just turn the alarm off, don't expect me to get out of bed at all. I haven't decided if I would prefer to never sleep or never wake up.


  1. my thoughts keep me from sleep while the light that peeps through, yes peeps, ha ha, is not welcome. i wake up at the slightest peep of light that creeps in... it sucks. i am also a light sleeper so any sound wakes me. most mornings i wake up earlier than i need to- grrr.

    so why is it that you have "loads of pillows all over the bed" ?

  2. I like to nest. Also, I like a lot of support for the shoulder/neck area. I used to sleep with one pillow and now I sleep with at least 3.

  3. I find working from bed makes tasks much more pleasant.