Wednesday, April 1, 2009

resurfacing the road to hell

Oh, the joy of basking in their warm and comforting glow. They're so beautiful right now, while they're still things that I'll attempt to follow. While they still could perhaps, possibly and even potentially exist in reality, which they obviously will not.

I'll start with the most obvious:

I intend to write every day during the month of April. HA! In January, I didn't even get through half of the posts, but at least it leaves plenty of room for improvement.

I intend this experience to be a creative exercise, to improve my writing and to provide an outlet for stress. It's more likely that I'll get stressed out about my writing.

I intend to leech wifi from my neighbors. That's right, someone moved in without the foresight to lock her network. Bliss! I believe that this will assist me in writing more frequently.

I intend to read everyone else's daily posts and comment. I guess I intend to be a constructive member of the group...let's see how that works out.

I think I've intended enough for it all to go horribly awry.


  1. yeah, there is always the potential for stress, but i hope the potential for joy outweighs that. don't forget to comment on the main page so everyone can follow you :)

  2. You are so delightfully realistic. Here's hoping you surprise yourself. I'll be reading.