Monday, April 13, 2009

questions, concerns, taxes, dresses and cat sitting

I'm sitting on my couch filing my taxes. It's taking long enough for each page to load that I can write this blog. My taxes are not making me happy this year. If I wasn't in this situation it would be funny...but it's not.

So why is it that the more (jobs) I work, the less the government wants to give me back? So I can't get by on one paycheck. So I changed jobs this year and I worked two other part-time jobs. That's, count'em...FOUR W2's. Absolutely ridiculous. And, as if that were enough...I owe!! I worked four different legitimate jobs last year...and the federal government thinks I don't give them enough money. Awesome. They want $172 and I'm tempted to not file my taxes. Out of spite. I'm sure if I did I would be audited, because the IRS has nothing better to do.

Of course, my other concern of the month is what the hell are people supposed to wear to weddings? I need a book that will explain appropriate wedding guest attire. really. I need a book that will just tell me what to wear. I feel very awkward dressing for weddings, and feel like I must be breaking some etiquette rule I've never heard of every time. Three weddings between the middle of May and the middle of June is kind of a lot for me. Can I wear a raspberry cotton blend dress (it at least has the cocktail dress shape) to an evening wedding? Can I wear my cowboy boots to an afternoon wedding at a vineyard in Portland? Can I wear the same dress twice if I wear it to weddings in different states? Is it bad to wear black? I really probably know the answers to these questions, I just can't think of them.

Oh yeah, and about that wedding, who's going to watch my cats while we're in Portland? This is becoming an issue. Edward will be fine watching movies and opera with Edmund's mom...but who's going to check on the girls? I can't afford to board them (they would hate to be boarded) and I doubt I have enough time to get a doctor to sign off that I need my two "therapy cats" to get on the plane. The girls don't like to be alone. Someone coming over once a day just wouldn't be enough. The poor sap would spend his or her entire visit each day getting screamed at and clawed by some very dramatic ladies. It's not as bad as it sounds when you're used to it, and it will definitely make you feel important. At least important enough to serve dinner. I still have three weeks to find someone to watch them. I'm sure it will be fine.

Oh my non-existent God! My taxes are finally filed! That was ridiculous. I prepared my taxes in February, but I waited to file because I didn't want to pay. I never expected it to take longer just to e-file. Efficiency at its best.


  1. I say "Yes" to all your wedding attire questions, except the last one--I think that wearing black is now acceptable. (It better be; I've worn it to every wedding except my own.) People order bridesmaid dresses in black now; it must be okay for guests to wear too, as long as they're not in the same dresses as the bridesmaids.

    Cowboy boots plus cocktail dress equals awesome!

  2. Also, Patty Mora and Pet Girls Pet Sitting is excellent, but I think she only sits in the campus area. It's worth asking her, though. She's at

  3. Awesome! I will check the Pet Girls out, and I already feel better about what's in my closet for those weddings. Thanks! :)

  4. My friend Alicia is a pet sitter:

    Additionally, wear what you feel comfortable and pretty in. No will remember anyway unless you're the bride or showing boob. You rock a pair of cowgirl boots like no one's biz.

  5. as long as you wear the hell out of what you choose, you are golden.

  6. wear whatever the crap you want :) they should be happy you are there not worry over what you are or are not wearing...

    as for cats, post something up on here about it and see who replies...

    best wishes!