Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just another six-fingered man

You know who we are even if you don't want to acknowledge us. We call ourselves Polys, short for Polydactyls. It's us that make you second guess if the guy you're staring at actually has extra fingers...or if he's just another "pretender," as you call us.

We aren't pretending. We are a segment of society who feel that we a missing an extra digit. Some of us wear gloves and some of us wear more life-like prostetics. Sure, there are those that attribute sexual pleasure with polydactylism, but most of us are just augmenting our bodies so that they look the way we feel they should. We aren't so different from those of you with tattoos.

There is no music or pop-culture reference that holds us together. Without the gloves and prostetics you probably wouldn't be able to see what we have in common, but we always know each other. There are only so many places to buy six-fingered gloves, though probably more than you might think.


  1. I love how subtle your delivery of this is! It is so positive and upbeat. And the mention of the myth of sexual attribute....that tickled me.

  2. I am more curious than ever. Polydactyls hmmmm. Very nice work SK. Thanks.