Wednesday, April 22, 2009

mysteries and mud

"Come on, Jenny!" cried Trish from the water. Jenny toed the grassy bank and looked out to Trish, who splashed in the brown water.

The flooding was worse this year than the previous several years together. Four more towns had disappeared into the murk. Who knew what kind of junk lay at the bottom of this so-called "river." If she squinted, Jenny liked to pretend she could see the opposite bank, but she knew it was too far away to see if you had to take the ferry just to cross the water.

Hell, the state the river had shared it's name with was gone now, completely swallowed by the water.

As she watched her toes in the water, Jenny noticed something glinting in the muddy water. She reached down and fished a dirty locket and chain from the mud and leaves at the edge of the river. It was hard to tell how old it was under all the dirt, but Jenny was able to pry it open after a few minutes. Trish was making impatient noises from the water.

"Hold on!" Jenny called. She wiped the silt from the water damaged photos in the locket. A man and a woman smiled out at her. Jenny sighed and closed her fist around the locket. Another trinket from lives lost to the water. Jenny glanced back out to Trish. It was weird to swim above the wrecked remains of people's lives. She didn't really get how Trish enjoyed it so much.

Jenny turned and walked back to her towel in the grass. Maybe tomorrow she would get in, but not today.


  1. You have definitely piqued my curiosity! I really want to know what happens next. And what happened previously.

    Have you read "World War Z?" It's an awesome book, and not just because it's about zombies. This post reminds me a bit of the opening scene, only without the undead rising through the waters grabbing people...or did I just totally spoil your next post?

  2. lol, no, this one is about when the melting ice caps cause intense flooding and a huge interior body of water where the mississippi/missouri rivers are today,effectively dividing the country in half, but I have read both of Max Brooks books...and I'm currently starting on Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.