Saturday, April 4, 2009

Corsets, etiquette and, insulin.

Hmm...I imagine there would be quite enough to keep me occupied, should I wake up tomorrow in the 1800s. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how much I would get to see, unless time travel cures diabetes. Insulin may have been discovered by the time I arrived, but it wasn't exactly available to the general public.

I would become bedridden quickly, after perhaps only a few days. I would be parched, unable to quench the painful thirst and violently ill. Even the thought of food would make me nauseous. Weight would drop from my frame at a frightening pace. "Wasting away" wouldn't be an out of place description.

I could survive that way for some time, perhaps as long as a year, but it would not be life. I'm not partial to this time for all the technological time-wasters we've managed to invent, but the slow death of the past doesn't sound like good fun.


  1. I share your ability to be content with the present as well.

    I'm finding that most people blogging about this state that they will not miss television, Facebook, or even their Ipods, but they all say that life in the late 1800s would be unattractive to them for a different reason.

    You picked disease, and that's a very legitimate reason!

  2. I actually think there are things I would enjoy about the 1800s, but it would be hard to survive...or reconcile my modern sensibilities.