Monday, June 29, 2009


I hate that sound

I hate how weak it feels. I want it to be a deep dark sound, every time.

Instead, this is what I get.


Follow through...fight harder for it


Place it a little more right


Just leg it out


Just a little more

I really want a stronger hit. I want more than driving it up the third base line. I want variety. Everyone already knows I can beat a short line drive to third. I need to be able to shock them. Even if it's only making the infield scramble...that will be good enough. I'm one of the fastest on our team, I just need to make better hits. Do you hear the want in every ping? The frustration? I'm tired of running out short plays. I want them to work for it. I want the outfield to know that I'm beating them.

1 comment:

  1. "Do you hear the want in every ping?"

    Loved that phrase.

    I also thought your last line, about wanting the outfield to know you're beating them, was interesting, especially with your subtle but unsaid insinuation that you're also competing against yourself. That's a battle that's always harder to measure.

    Also, I am seriously impressed that you are still engaging in outdoor activity during this heat. Damn, girl. Be careful out there.