Tuesday, June 2, 2009

After this

Day 2 Assignment:

Sam never rushes the first day. The recruits are still terrified and lost from exposure to our little piece of civilization.

"It'll take practice, but you can do this," she affirms to the shaking twig of girl before her; trembling, spattered with blood and greased in filth. Her breath racks her body, and her knuckles have turned white where she grips the axe.

"Just once more," Sam coaxes. "If you can do this, you can survive." The two women lock eyes, and the frail girl heaves the axe. She does not cry out when she swings. Instead she almost moans, a sound that draws the attention of the walker pinned at her feet. It looks at her with dead eyes even after the sickening impact of the axe. The expression never changes as the head rolls towards Sam's feet. It was already dead.

The girl exhales slowly and Sam smiles at her. "Okay," the girl wheezes, "what comes after this?"

Sam's smile slips. Everyone still remembers what it was like Before.

"This is it. We are what comes After."


  1. ooo. I read this before knowing what the suggestion was for today.... found it quickly gripping!

  2. "This is it. We are what comes After." - you are quickly becoming the queen of fabulous one-liners...

  3. yeah i read this before the assignment and was like...WTF? nice!

  4. I've had zombie issues for a long time, so when I say today's assignment, I wanted to write about how zombies can't fall to some fad. They are the apocalypse. Nothing tops zombies.

    Thanks guys!

  5. I mean, when I saw today's assignment

  6. Love it! Love it! I think the style is great and I wanted to continue reading when it was finished.


  7. yeah, we definitely need more sk zombies, and i totally, totally agree. zombies are not a fad, they have just been co-opted by idiots. i will still love zombies 10 years from now, and i am totally already over pirates.

  8. just as long as you aren't over pirate jokes, TT.

  9. I think that this snapped something in my brain that says zombies will never be real. Creepy.