Saturday, June 6, 2009

Don't Tell

Day 6 Assignment

I write disaster plans in my head. My worst is with Jessie, the disabled girl I care for nights and weekends. My worst case scenario is that Patty(mom) has left us alone and I have Jessie, whom I am paid to care for, and both her tween sisters. Worst case, I know something is wrong. The door to their home is never locked, but I have tried to get these girls to keep it from opening to strangers. In the best/worst case I have a moment to tell Libby that she is in charge. That her and Mary are going to run, backways to get to Mike's. Libby will know by the tone of my voice because she is already that child.

She will notice but not speak about the pen knife in my hand. Libby I trust because she will notice this. Libby can't handle confrontation. I will tell her to run and her and Mary will run. The pen knife is for whomever is new.

Libby will do what I say even if it's too late. Even if I have to scream it, she will do it. My worst case is me and Jessie. I don't care what any attacker might want. They never get to touch Jessie.

I go to the dark places at this point. I have walked into the kitchen and then have been greatful that Patty's son didn't see the knife in my palm. I will fight for them until death.

I just hope they never have to know.

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