Thursday, January 15, 2009

someone should probably film this

It's pretty obvious at this point that some things are going to change. Some of the changes are exciting. I can walk into my tiny closet for the first time...ever. Within the next two weeks, I hope to actually have all of my clothes in the closet as well.

It's quite the project.

Then, after reaching my so-far unachievable goal of clothing organization, I'll tackle my books. I love my books. they are arranged on the 6 bookcases by subject, with Fiction shelved alphabetically. I need to pack them all up. Just thinking about it leaves me feeling faint.

Why? would am I putting myself through this? Sadism? Self-improvement?
Edmund and I had the talk.

It will be me, Edmund, Edward, the two cats, and whatever of our belongings we can fit, all together in the 375sq.ft. apartment I've been living in for the last two years.

It will be libraries and record collections moving into storage.

It will be battles of furniture, art, toys and that most precious commodity of

and hilarity ensues...

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