Saturday, January 17, 2009

the old zombie plan

Oh, the zombie plan. I am not nearly as prepared for any realistic type of disaster as I am for the zombie apocalypse. There is a zombie team, a group of friends who realize that I could one day call them and tell them that the sky has fallen. Only the truly wack can keep constant vigilance awaiting the signs of our doom. After the team has been activated, the team must work towards meeting at our previously arranged hideout. It's a warehouse, not too far from anything, with no windows on the first floor, roof access, showers, running water, and enough bottled water inside for the next ten years. It's pretty perfect. The zombie team will, upon activation, bring with them all of their firearms (for raiders, not zombies), all food available, and medication. My personal plan involves firearms, as I will need to knock over a few pharmacies to have as much insulin as possible. I'll still only last a year? two? at most before insulin is no longer an option, but I want to give myself as much time as possible. Our hideout is unassuming and easily defendable. Roof access is obviously highly prized on the chance that military rescue is possible. So...yeah. We might make it, for a little while.

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