Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a letter to the president

Dear Mr. President,

Please don’t think me too critical for writing this today, but in an otherwise hope-filled and galvanizing speech there was one negative note which gave me pause. You called us non-believers.

I understand the difficulty in finding an appropriate and speech-worthy title for every faction in our salad-bowl culture. I realize that you meant us no slight, and that of course it was in reference to our lack of theist beliefs, but….

Wars, hate and crime, even when wrecked in religion’s name, are not caused by religion. These things we know are done by human beings. That these are some of our very human failings, we know. We also know that religion does not feed the hungry, nurse the wounded or comfort the dying. These things too, are done by human beings. Our greatest achievements in the arts and sciences, our most breathtaking discoveries are, just like our greatest failings, done by human beings. So perhaps, Mr. President, you can see why I challenge you to find another term for us. Something more fitting for what we do believe. We believe in humanity.


An Atheist in America

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  1. Although I do prefer the term atheist, I am thrilled at the mention. We all know he's one of us anyway, he's just got to break it to the masses slowly.