Thursday, January 8, 2009

blank pages

all the routines I can't manage to keep have blank pages. Every year I buy a planner. I get so excited holding that little book in my hands, full of order and potential. And then I blow it. I usually last less than a month. My life isn't interesting enough to require a planner, but every year I hope it will be different.

Journaling wasn't as bad...while it lasted. I wouldn't exactly call it a routine, but I wrote...sometimes. I eventually filled the book, though it took me several years. Even now, when I say I filled my journal, I mean that I got as far as I'm ever going to get. It's full enough.

Now, I'm trying to blog every day. This is not working so well. I'm trying to write every day, but without internet at home, nor the extra time to sit down and write...I'm not sure if this will last either. So far I've only missed one day (out of four), which isn't too discouraging. I hope though, that this one will become a routine, not just another chance for blank pages.

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