Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Must Not Tell Lies

Day 2

I've been staring at the blinking cursor for the entire evening. The words won't come. When I read today's topic I immediately knew what I wanted to write about, what I oppose most. The single greatest crime humanity has committed against itself. Unfortunately, I cannot be an advocate for religion.

Sure, there are plenty of arguments for faith: comfort, community, genuine belief, activism, moral guidance, and last but not least, Pascal's Wager. Alas, there is an argument against each. A better argument. And that's without even touching on the ongoing effects of this crime: misinformation, the castration of scientific exploration, genocide, the many crusades, murder, child abuse, sexual abuse, sexual assault, sexual mutilation, the whole scale of hate crimes, the suppression of women, withholding education, and the massive unending conflict over a tiny piece of land where questionable stories supposedly took place.

No, I'm not saying that religion is solely responsible for all crime. I am simply listing crimes here which have been and still are committed in the name of a god, with the support of a religion and/or inside a religion itself.

So you see, it wouldn't just be writing in favor of something I disagree with, it would be flat out lying. I would love to go into the argument in detail, but Christopher Hitchens has done it better that I ever could in his fantastic book, God is not Great. Regardless of what you believe, you should read this book. You may feel like faith gives you something special, but wouldn't your energy be better spent giving something special to the world?


  1. Alas, the crimes you list have been done many times over in the name of things other than religion. And acts done in the name of religion don't always bring the hate--they can bring compassion, or assistance, or even forgiveness. It's not always about judgment. But when people do awful things and relinquish responsibility, claiming to do it for another source, that is reprehensible.

  2. First, thank you for Pascal's Wager. Tonight is the first I've heard of it and I'm so glad I now know. I feel smarter and now have something to research long into the night.

    Second, I agree with you on religion. Religion sucks. While I have a strong, undying faith in a higher power, religious people have condemned me far more than any atheist I've ever known, sadly proving your point and making (what I consider to be) a mockery of someone who believes in a higher power. And I'm getting on board with 'God is not Great'. Right after 'World War Z'. You guys might need to help me with chronic depression after reading those two, though.

  3. Chris, when Taunya reads God is not Great, there is actually a whole section in that book on Mother Teresa...and I think there's one in the God Delusion too, but it's been awhile since I read that one.

    Religion is a crime for its massive failures. Again, all crime is not because of religion. I guess just look at the history and ask yourself if it's helped(and by help I mean provide care, or actual assistance, not deluding people with the threat of an afterlife), or has religion hurt more people?